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The Organization of Food

As the school year is started to wind down, I started to look more closely at our family's pantry and fridge/freezer. I noticed we have candy still from Halloween and frozen pizza from the winter time.

I started to research food waste and was stunned. Americans waste about 1 pound of food everyday. In 2018, Americans wasted nearly $160 Billion!! (with a B!) which is about 30-40% of the entire US food supply.

Also, 'food waste is the single largest component going into municipal landfills, which can quickly generate methane gas.' (USDA-2015).

How can you help?

1) Shop smart and realistically - even if there is a bargain on soups, sauces, etc. think realistically if you need all that food.

2) Save - and actually eat! - leftovers. Leftovers only stay fresh for 3-5 days after cooking...use one meal a week as a 'leftover' night :)

3) Avoid clutter in the fridge and the pantry - make sure applesauce doesn't get shoved to the back to sit there for 3 years.

4) Weekly meal planning - look through your cabinets to check out what ingredients you already have and use helpful apps to put creative meal choices together.

5) Check out: it is a helpful website that give tips and suggestions to help consumers make a change for the better!

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