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Countdown to Spring!! (cleaning that is)

We spring the clocks ahead this coming weekend and where are you with your New Year's Resolution to declutter??

Did you binge watch all of "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo"? Did you get motivated to clear out that closet, pantry, garage, (insert room name here).

I am here to tell you - it's ok.

People often hire a professional organizer not because they do not know how to declutter or organize but it's more often because they want/need someone there to validate them 'letting go'.  Whether it is a old sweater, a kitchen whisk, or a mix tape from 1989, an organizer can be there to help ease your mind.

My suggestion to you is to start small....try and declutter your junk drawer.  Everyone has one.  Most people have one in their kitchen.  Start by emptying everything out of it.  Get ready to toss old pens, dried out rubber bands, and your coffee of the month club from 2015.  Now use small boxes to divide and organize the drawer.  

And if you need help.....I'll be here to help :)

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