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The Great Pantry Debate!

Since the start of the new year and the addition of the Netlflix series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo" people have found themselves clearing out their closets to see what really "sparks joy."

Besides closets, however, there are other areas of your home that have probably been overlooked - one said area might be the pantry. Even homes with out a nice walk-in panty still need an organized system to keep their spices and sauces at bay. People tend to have pantry envy and although I do not think you need to go out and spend $100 on bins and labels, following these simples suggestions will get your pantry under control and looking great!

Here are some suggestions for all types of panty needs:

1) Organize your pantry items by categories: spices, baking needs, kids snacks, soups, canned veggies. Try to keep similar items together in order to know what you have and what you may or may not need to restock at the store.

2) Use turntables for corner shelving - makes for easy to store small items or spices.

3) Try using tiered shelving for oils and vinegars - easy access and visually able to see what you have!

4) When buying new items bring older items to front in order to avoid expired foods!

5) Maximize the vertical space you have in your cabinets; either by using wire shelving the slide under shelf or use a tension rod to hold

lighter items - like spices!

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