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Yard January??

We have just come off of the holiday season, putting away all the decor from the month prior and thinking to yourself...."What IS all this stuff?" The winter months are a great time to look at all the unused/overlooked items in your basement, garage, storage unit, etc. Spend time looking through items you really haven't used in months/years/still in moving boxes from 2015. Follow these tips to plan for a successful springtime yard sale.

1) Clean Everything - dust off items, launder items that might not have been properly packaged.

2) Sort & categorize - put all similar items together; clothes, kitchen, furniture, books, electronics.

3) Pre-sale bigger ticket items online - items with more value (TV, laptop, furniture) might do better on a selling website like Craigslist or FB Marketplace. These can be uploaded anytime of year. People love virtual yard sales!

4) Research pricing. Consult Google for items you might think have value.

5) Start finding folding tables, plastic/paper bags and pop-up canopies (if needed). Ask friends and family for table to help your sale look more enticing. No one likes looking on the ground at your lovely items.

6) Have a donate/trash area. Some items you might not think will sell.....keep separate for now.

Feeling overwhelmed??? Reach out to me for help :)

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