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Office Paper Stress

When my neighbor asked if I'd be willing to help her get her office organized I jumped at the chance to help out! This amazing lady wears many hats at her job and she was feeling overwhelmed and anxious by the amount of paperwork that was piling up on numerous surfaces in her office. Once we got to work we were able to attack the problem and repurpose a filing organizer that was once used for office supplies to actually be used as her "URGENT", "PENDING", and "WAITING for RESPONSE" files. Here she is able to have the papers that were becoming a tower on her desk filed in an organized fashion.

She also loves her four children immensely...and loves to display their artwork. I picked up great art shadow boxes for her on Amazon which will allow her to display each of her kids art work on the wall and add a new piece into the box to rotate the art!

A few tips for office organization:

1) Declutter and purge paperwork often! This will help from having massive amounts of paper piling up (or being shoved into a drawer).

2) Embrace 'clean space'. Your desk or office surfaces in general should have a good amount of white space on them.

3) Invest in a good labeling system.

4) Use a vertical file system....thinking up instead of out makes for better use of the space you have.

5) Wrap your, phone, printer, etc...cords can look messy and cluttered. Take time to zip tie or clip together and get out of eye sight when possible.

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