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Basement Clean Up Among Friends

When a friend of mine recently asked me to help her re-organize her basement I jumped at the chance to help! Her and her husband have a ton of storage space but between both of them working and raising 3 young children the basement became a dumping ground of "I'll organize it later."

I was happy to come in and lend a hand to group similar items together (i.e., Lamps, Coolers, Seasonal items) and toss things that were broken, outdated or were no longer needed in their lives. After a few hours in the basement I had some extra time and worked on making the kids bookshelves a little more blissful!

Basement projects can be overwhelming, the key is to work in small chunks at a time as to not get to worn down. When you come across an item that has been living in your basement ask yourself, "Do you need it?, Do you like it (anymore)?, Does it work?" Most importantly "Why are you storing it?" Don't try to convince yourself you need to hang onto to something you probably don't need to any longer.

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