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Family First...

A year ago when I started to tell family members about my interest in becoming a professional organizer many of them had the same reaction - "OF COURSE!" or "that is perfect for you!" I have many talented women in my family who have taken a leap of faith to do what they love and start their own businesses. One individual who has mentored me along the way has been my cousin Katie. Katie (O'Malley) Maloney is the owner of Katie O' Weddings and Events located right in the capital district. She has built her company from a tiny workspace in her parents dining room to a lovely shop right in the heart of downtown Troy. Katie has been one of my greatest supporters since starting this business. One of the Katie O' core values is 'family first; yours and ours.' Katie has crushed it being a boss lady, a mom to a toddler, all while nearing the finish line of her second pregnancy. AND she does it while smiling and looking stylish!

Katie recently allowed me to tackle her master closet - I was so excited to jump at the chance to help! We worked in stages, tackling work clothes vs. casual clothes and everything in between. Katie is aware that her style changes over time and even though she'll eventually be back to her post-baby self many of the clothes she's hung onto she realized she no longer needed.

With Katie's busy schedule we were able to jump start the closet chaos. She graciously allowed me to show the work in progress - stay tuned for the final results!

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