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Helping Give Back Locally

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Liz Hitt who is the coordinator of the Capital Region Furniture Bank. The furniture bank is part of HATAS - Homeless and Travelers Aid Society which is an organization to help local people and families get back on their feet. When people move out of temporary housing into a home they don't often have the means to furnish the new space. This is where the furniture bank comes in. They pick up gently used furniture from a home that no longer needs it, will store in their warehouse, individuals come and shop for items they need and then the furniture bank will deliver furniture to the new home.

In 2017 the furniture bank served 431 households and diverted 251,000 lbs. of furniture from area landfills! The most requested items currently are: dressers, coffee tables, kitchen tables, sofas and lamps.

When working with clients - the Capital Region Furniture Bank is a great organization to consider donating too!


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