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The Falmouth Project (Part I)

I was lucky enough to travel to the Cape for a enjoyable two day closet decluttering session.

My client had renovated her house which used to be a beach rental and is now her full time home. It is a beautiful transformation but with a lot of homes in this area lack closet storage space. Her master closet is a multi purpose space where she stores not only clothes but filing cabinets and other miscellaneous items. The closet is certainly plenty big to incorporate all these items, but the key is a designate a space for everything (i.e. - keeping gift wrap together, tools & nails, candles, you get the idea.....

We did spend most of the time sorting through clothing to toss, treasure (keep) or transfer (donate). It's always amazing for clients to pull everything out and really see how much they or lack depending on what they are looking at. Some clients don't realize they own 15 pairs of black pants until they lay them all out on their floor!

This project is multi-tiered. I gave my client the motivation and homework to continue to chip away at the other items in the closet and hope to be back again to declutter her desk space as well as help with some kitchen organization!

Before Closet Photos

Before Photos

After Photos

As you can see, the filing cabinet area still needs to be tackled, and the craft area labels, but my client felt much more confident and motivated to tackle this project on her own. I'll check in a few weeks to see the progress she has made!

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