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Stay at Home Mom Finds Clarity

Earlier in the week I had the pleasure of traveling to Massachusetts to help a stay at home mom declutter her master closet as well as the basement storage closet. We got to work on the basement closet first. She and her husband like to host holiday parties and needed some help in reconfiguring the 'stuff' that was in the closet.

When organizing any closet space my advice is to completely clear the closet out down to nothing. Then you can sort and reorganize all the items you have and toss ones you no longer need.


We overtook the basement stairs and floor to sort and organize!

The finished closet is sorted and easy to access whatever they need to plan a party!

The Master Closet was next on our list to conquer. Again, taking all the clothing out and sort through what fits, what is still in style, etc. really helped my client pair down the items she needed to save. She was able to donate 4 bags!! of clothing items to the local community. She (and her husband) were both impressed with all the work that got accomplished in one day's time.

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